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Welcome To Our Home Page
This site is for graduates of the Seaford High School chorus (and our fellow graduate friends) to share information with each other. There's a board (actually located at another site) to make it easy to enter information under the year in which you graduated and there are places where you can add your comments and keep us up-to-date on the latest happening in your life and read what others have to say.

There's a photo page for any photos you'd like to contribute - of yourself, your family, any of our reunions, etc. (The photo that used to be here is now there.) On the links page there will be links to stories so you can share and read about special times our fellow grads would like to share or links to home pages are also there.

You can either send photographs, home page links, and stories that you'd like to appear on this site, to our volunteer site manager, Joyce Dowling, or ask her for information about uploading them to this site yourself (give identifying information about yourself plus a correct email address). Bookmark this page and come once a month or so to check in with each other. Joyce may also be able to share a list of email addresses with you.

Listing Site Updates
This site may be edited by other SHS chorus grads. If you're editing the site, please put the date, what was added, and who added it here.:

11/27/00 Started the site. - Joyce D.

1/30/01 New contact info added. - Joyce D.

8/16/1 Moved photo from home page - Joyce D.

9/10/1 Added Seaford Alumni link to Link Page

3/24/3 Changed ad type and updated email address on contact page

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